Getting To Know Art Studio Krea

If you’ve not seen Art Studio Krea’s collection of stained glass products, you are in for a treat!

After their daughter moved to Folkestone, the Art Studio Krea team fell in love with the town and wanted to be near their daughter so decided to come over here from Bulgaria in 2019.

Still in love with the town, their favourite part of Folkestone is “the ocean and the creative quarter.”. Svezhan is an avid fisherman and his wife is a runner so being near the beach is perfect for them. This combined with the creative side of Folkestone helps the pair to stay inspired and feel at home.

The husband and wife team were both creative in their childhood and were artistic kids. Starting as an apprentice jeweller, after creating beautiful personal art and falling in love with the craft, Svezhan turned this into his lifelong dream.

Having created jewellery all his life like these beautiful murano glass earrings, Svezhan and his wife created Art Studio Krea in 2005 in Bulgaria starting with a mixture of jewellery pieces, larger installations for houses and churches and gifts.

When their daughter moved to the UK in 2015 to study at university, they missed her so much that they soon started to make plans to be able to come over here to be together. They came across with the dream to have a studio of their own for Art Studio Krea here in the UK and after a year, they are loving it!

As with many of their merchants, the community vibe in Folkestone has been a big part of their journey and they’ve met so many friends and lovely people and the duo are really excited about the future and what comes next.

One part of their collection that we love is also one of their favourites, the pretty women candle holders. These women were created to hold light as they were inspired by the diversity around them and wanted to show the women off as strong and powerful and bringing light to the world.