Getting To Know Blend Bag UK

We want to introduce you to Denitsa from Blend Bag UK in this blog and to give you some insight into her gorgeous collection of bags made from vegan wood and cork leather.

Originally from Bulgaria, Denitsa first came to Folkestone in May 2019 and “immediately loved this place” before moving here in August of the same year.

As with so many people who come to Folkestone, there was no one thing she loved more but rather loved the combination of the sea, old street, the parks and the sunny people Folkestone has to offer.

Denitsa has been making bags since 2017, originally from wood and genuine leather, however her goal was always to make something different and the future of Blend Bag UK is to be completely vegan soon as she believes is the next generation of fashion.

Her collection includes a range of unique bags including the mini zebra bag which we absolutely love. Each of her beautiful handbags are hand sewn and have a unique design in a variety of styles from rounded edges to O bags.