Getting To Know Dirk Seyfried

Meet Dirk. If you haven’t yet seen the incredible photos from the Dirk Seyfried collection, taken around Kent, then you are in for a treat!

Originally Dirk had no connection to Folkestone and actually stumbled on it purely by chance, and lucky for us he did. One Sunday, Dirk was photographing on the cliffs between Folkestone and Dover when the Harbour Arm caught his eye so he decided to stop at Djangos for breakfast, and he’s now been here for 2 years.

We imagine the view must’ve been something like his popular print of Folkestone from the air.

As we know, Folkestone has so many great qualities to it which many of our customers and merchants enjoy. Dirk certainly appreciates it as much as we do, having fallen in love with “the creativity, the friendliness of the people, the sea, the Harbour Arm, the ease with which one can go from a town centre to a place like The Warren, or the cliff tops”. He said there were just too many things to choose from.

Photography became his passion 25 years ago after enjoying it as a hobby. He did a City & Guilds course in photography and was “fascinated by what can be told with a photograph. That frozen moment of time which can be very easily missed, but can be pivotal at the same time”.