Getting To Know Indigo Abbie Art

Indigo Abbie’s collection is one we love having on the site as it’s a burst of colour from her popular banana print to her bedroom collection.

Abbie grew up in Dartford so is a city girl at heart but when she and her partner moved to Folkestone, originally for work from Thanet, she soon fell in love with our town and welcomed the seaside change. After telling her Mum she was moving here, her Mum told her it was Folkestone’s beaches they used to go to when Abbie was a kid!

They’ve now been in Folkestone for about a year and have found that “living somewhere that has a balance of the town, shopping and businesses as well as the beach and the leas on my doorstep means everything I need is right at home. I can enjoy all the shops in town and the old highstreet, and on the same day find myself on the Leas or on the beach feeling like I’m in a completely different place! I don't think many places can offer that, which I think makes Folkestone pretty special.”. We couldn’t agree more.

The leas holds a special place in Abbie’s heart though, as it does with many of us, as she found she was blown away the first time she went there and it serves as a source of inspiration frequently. She’s also as excited as us about the Harbour reopening again this summer as it’s a great place to be when the weather is warmer.

Like many of our artists, Abbie has been drawing for as long as she can remember and has always found comfort in getting her feelings down on paper. She finds that art as a creative outlet is something that she thinks everyone can benefit from. Whilst Abbie is still working to support her dream of becoming a full time artist, she’s determined to prove people wrong who say that art isn’t a career and won’t sustain you in the long run.

Indigo Abbie Art started as a business in 2016 after she realised that just because she didn’t have a fine art degree doesn’t mean she has to stop doing what she loves and sharing it with the world. We’re really glad she is doing that because her prints and stickers have proven to be popular, especially her fruit prints collection which we’re all queuing up to buy ourselves. If you’ve not checked her out yet, definitely go and have a look as we’re sure you’ll find something to cheer up your home.