Getting To Know Iron Fist Art

We know lots of you have been looking at Iron Fist Art’s beautiful illustrations, so we thought we’d give you a bit of insight into the man behind the art.

Stu was brought up in the Folkestone area after going to school at Pent Valley. At just age 16, he left home to join the forces before moving back in 2003.

As with many of our merchants, Stu has multiple things that he loves about Folkestone, “I love the sea and being up on the downs in all weathers”. This is one of the lovely things about this town, the ability to go for walks up high as well as enjoying the view of the sea.

In 2011, Stu began studying art and concentrating on it more as he’d been keen on drawing as far back as he can remember.

There are so many pieces we love in his collection, especially his Folkestone Feather which encompasses everything we love about Folkestone. The colours in this print are so fun and vibrant, we’re sure it’ll be a show stopper on any wall.