Getting To Know Mishi Makes

Mishi Makes is one of our original merchants and is such a bright and bubbly person, we couldn’t miss the opportunity for you to get to know a bit more about her and her products which range from pyrography woodwork to tshirt design.

For those who don’t know, the word “pyrography” means writing with fire and the art of pyrography is about burning words and designs into wood. An example from Mishi is her gorgeous stag’s head board shown below, we would definitely suggest checking out her whole collection though which ranges from pineapples to bumble bees.

Mishi’s love of Folkestone came when she moved down here from London in 2018. In her own words “It's hard to say what my favourite things about Folkestone are. The beaches, the woods, the creative community, it isn't London!”.

She started doing pyrography in 2017 as a hobby but didn’t start doing it properly until she moved down to Folkestone. Whilst at home looking after her daughter, Mishi started uploading some of her designs to Facebook and got some interest which prompted her to start her own social media pages for it.

Late in 2018 Mishi joined a Folkestone based art group which helped her to set up her website and since then she’s taken part in collaborations with others in the group and has her work stocked in a few shops in Folkestone.

Since joining us on Made In Folkestone, Mishi has started branching out into tshirt design which range from a cute honey beehive design to her amusing I need some space tshirt. If you’ve not heard about Mishi Makes and her products before this, be sure to take a look at her products and pick something up.