Getting To Know Natural Sparkes

You may have seen some of the beautiful resin pieces Natural Sparkes have made from gorgeous heart pendant necklaces to her beach bookmarks (which use real sand!).

We love seeing new creations from them and know they are always really popular.

Born and raised in Folkestone, Toni has always lived here and struggles to know whether “I love the hills I grew up next to or the sea most. Both equally I think”. It’s a hard choice for anyone who knows the area well as there’s a lot to admire in each direction.

Natural Sparkes consists of Toni and her partner who first got into it 17 months ago as a hobby. Starting small, their hope (and ours too!) is to grow their visions and their projects over the coming months.

Their collection is a perfect example of the different ways you can use resin from jewellery making right through to bookmarks and keyrings.