Getting To Know Poppykins

Poppykins love of Folkestone was not the same initial connection that many of our merchants and customers have experienced. Having moved here when she was 14 from a busy built up town, “the seagulls and fresh air was a shock to the system”. The seagulls certainly can be a shock, especially when they decide they want your food!

Now, 22 years later, Sam says there is no place she’d rather be than Folkestone! There are many parts of Folkestone that she’s fallen in love with but her favourites are the harbour arm, coastal gardens, the beach and old highstreet as well as the art scene and triennial. With so many things this great town has to offer, we’re not surprised she was won round.

Aside from her collection here on Made in Folkestone, you may have seen some of Poppykins work from the occasional exhibitions, markets and workshops Sam has done as well as some shops she’s been in.

She honed her craft when she was pregnant with her son 16 years ago, but has been a creative all her life starting with collecting fabrics and making rugs and cards. She eventually made so many that she needed to get out and sell them and so came her first exhibition at the Burstin in Folkestone.

Following that, Sam taught herself to quilt and said “I was bad at first, I remember selling my first quilt for a tenner at a boot fair”. But from little crochet acorns, mighty oaks grow.

Sam had her second child Poppy and then turned her hobby into a business and registered it with HMRC.

Whilst Sam’s passion is still firmly with quilting, she loves doing miniature crochet things and experimenting with new patterns and designs. She’s also still growing her collection of vintage fabrics as well as using new and recycled fabrics to create her gorgeous range of cushions including this Keep Smiling cushion which we are in love with.