Getting To Know Stacey Scott Designs

If you’ve not seen Stacey Scott Designs’ products, we would highly recommend you check out the collection on here.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Stacey moved to Kent to study Art at University before becoming an Art and Design teacher which she’s done for the last 10 years. She only moved to a village just outside of Folkestone 5 years ago but has completely fallen for its charms from “the buzzing Creative Quarter to the Old High Street”.

Being outdoors and by the sea are 2 things Stacey loves and is partly what drew her to Folkestone, particularly in the summer when you can bike over to the Harbour Arm (a place we also love!).

Stacey is a mixed media artist at heart but has been enjoying illustrations of late, we love her wooden jewellery, especially her wooden studs which are all hand illustrated.

The story behind her wooden offcut range is a great one as it came in a lightbulb moment when she saw how much waste was left behind on the laser cutter bed after other wooden products had been made. Stacey said “I love repurposing these little shapes into jewellery and decorations, and am very much lead by whatever shapes fall into my 'bin'”.