Getting to Know Yarncrafts

Michaela is a yarn lover and specialises in all things vintage, crochet and macrame.  This shows in her collection which features many products including unique wall hangings.  

Folkestone has been Michaela’s family home all her life, living over 50 years in the area.  Her favourite part of Folkestone is the East Cliff area.  She always has a craft on the go; she has to make something and loves trying out different things, currently weaving!  Michaela not only produces macrame wall hangings and weaving but she also crochets, making beautiful products such as this bunny comfort blanket.  

Michaela started crafting at a very young age but was able to become more serious about crafting again since her two children started university, which gave her ‘more me time’!  

If you’re looking for beautifully handmade crafts for gifts or for unique decorations for your own home, Michaela at Yarncrafts has some fantastic products.