How To Update A Room Without Repainting

With the COVID-19 lockdown, more of us are spending time in our homes than ever before. With that comes new perspectives, fresh ideas and thoughts about things you can do to improve the room. This doesn’t have to be a big paint job, we’ve put down our top 5 tricks below for how to

1. Add pictures or art to the wall

We’re big believers in the power of art and what it can do, both for a room and for the person looking at it.

Getting perspective on your room is key, when you walk into the room, what is the first thing you see? When you sit down, where are your eyes focussing? Those questions can be key when thinking about what to place where as you may only see a section of the room when you’re walking through the door. You then need to decide on what statement or impact you want to make when people are in that spot in order to choose the appropriate wall art for your room.

Another key thing is the colour scheme. If you don’t fancy repainting your room, instead work out what colours compliment or stand out on the wall and find a piece of art that fits that. Black and white prints can work great in a lot of situations, as can some art which complements the room e.g. these fruit prints would work really well in most kitchens to help brighten it up.

2. Move existing furniture around

Working out what furniture you do and don’t need in a room can be a great way to give a room a new lease of life. It’s easy to hoard, and clutter up rooms with too much furniture or by having it too close together.

Similarly to when you’re looking at where to place art, walk around the room and work out the most practical place for storage, for sitting etc.. It’s about trying and testing what works where in the room and what looks good when you’re in the room itself. If you’ve got a chair in the room, chances are you want to have a nearby table or surface to put drinks or food on.

3. Create a feature wall

This is often a great way of revamping a room as it can create a focal point for people and can be done in a number of different ways.

The most obvious ways to create a feature wall is to paint or wallpaper it, but have you ever considered having a gallery on the wall instead? You could create a wall which looks at places you love or have been to, maybe even art about Folkestone! Having a number of pictures and prints at different heights on the wall can help to create the desired visual effect of a feature wall.

Again the key here is having wall art which complements each other, whether your own family pictures, or prints and art that you’re intending to put up. Having a common theme e.g. all black and white or all drawings, can help avoid the wall looking crowded and messy.

4. Add soft furnishings

Blankets, cushions, rugs and curtains can really help setting the tone for a room and bring another dimension to it. Rugs can be great where you want to alter the floor colour or create a center to the room whereas cushions and throws are a way of breaking up a block of colour on a seating area.

Soft furnishings are great for adding texture too and they can really add to the effect you want. If you want to create somewhere cosy, adding a blanket and some cushions to your sofa or chair can help do that. Or why not add a beanbag?

5. Give your old furniture some TLC

Our final tip is about doing some upcycling of existing furniture or by giving it a new lease of life. If you’ve got an old wooden table there’s loads you can do from sanding it back and repolishing it, to painting it using wood paint (we love the range of chalk paints you can get).

This again can also be done using soft furnishings. Maybe you’ve got a sofa with scratches in from the cats? You can easily get or make a sofa cover, throw or get some big cushions which can cover it up and avoid the need for an entirely new sofa.

Wall art and decorations are also another place to look for items which could do with some TLC. If you’ve got metal artwork on your walls, it might need a polish to bring out the colour again and make it look brand new. You can also reframe your prints and photos which are on the wall too which can be great when you’re changing a room and want to get them to match the new scheme.

There are many different ways to freshen up your room, but these are some of our favourite, low maintenance tips and tricks which avoid the need for repainting.