The Benefits Of Sending Gifts During Lockdown

There’s no denying it, lockdown has been hard for so many people, not being able to see your family and friends when you want has meant many people are feeling down and lonely.

Many people have been getting creative with keeping in touch with their loved ones, particularly using video calls, but sometimes they can be exhausting; especially when you’re on video calls all day for work. We’re looking at going back to something more old school starting with letters, cards and gifts to send to people as a way of staying in touch and surprising them!

Greetings Cards

Who doesn’t love receiving a card in the post, especially when you don’t expect it? Remember that feeling you used to get as a kid when the post arrived and your name was on it? A lot of people still get that feeling with a handwritten envelope or when you feel there’s a card inside.

Unfortunately with the COVID outbreak, a number of plans have been cancelled, from holidays to weekend trips to stay with friends. One idea to cheer people up is to send them a card from your hometown or from the place they were going to visit so they know you’re still thinking about them.

We’re great believers in shopping locally and adding that personal touch when giving something to someone and think cards like the ones made by Silver By The Sea are a lovely way of sending something unique with a personal connection.

If there’s a big occasion happening during lockdown e.g. a birthday or anniversary, a card that also twins as a piece of art might be the way to go. Mandy Aldridge has a selection of cards made from acrylic which are perfect for framing after but for an extra special added surprise, why not check out her handmade ‘tea for two’ exploding card?


Another idea is to send somebody some jewellery as a way to let them know you’re thinking about them. This doesn’t have to be purely for your significant other but can be a great way of creating a memory with that person. Imagine how great it will feel when they have an unexpected delivery and see a beautiful pair of earrings or a necklace waiting for them?

If like us, you enjoy browsing through a market or going shopping with friends as a weekend activity, recreating that by finding something unusual can be a great way to support those smaller businesses which may be struggling, but also a fun way to do something with your friends.

Have a look at our jewellery collection for some inspiration on handmade and unique jewellery which can recreate the feel of a walking around a fair or show. You might even find some of our more quirky designs like the Naughty Chip Thief which is a particular favourite and one you’re unlikely to find in a bigger shop!