What We Love About Living In Folkestone

We at Made in Folkestone are proud to live in such a beautiful coastal town and want to share what we believe are some of the highlights of living in Folkestone.

One of the things which Folkestone does well is cater for a wide variety of people. From the rolling hills to the beaches and the independent shops in the old highstreet to the liveliness at The Harbour Arm, it’s great for multi generation families.

The History

For those who are history buffs, I would suggest looking into Folkestone’s history as it’s a really interesting read. From the Mesolithic era all the way through to modern day, Folkestone, and in particular the harbour, has a rich history.

The Harbour itself has seen a new lease of life, from being a busy port to now a social hub following an extensive rebuild once the full closure of the branch railway in 2014.

Now home to the very popular Folkestone Market Place on a Sunday, we love venturing down there and feeling the mix of history and creativity the town has to offer. Many of our merchants go down there themselves, so if you ever want to see their work in person, you should check it out, or you can browse their pages online.

The Food

There are over 100 places to eat in Folkestone so it’s hard to feel stuck for places to go. The cuisine ranges from Mexican to Turkish to Greek and Italian. There are the usual fast food restaurants which you’d expect, such as McDonalds and KFC, but one of the things we love about Folkestone is that there are a number of independent cafes and restaurants too.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention The Big Greek Bus which is a very popular with people visiting The Harbour Arm and with good reason. We love their halloumi fries.

Whether you’re in the mood for a big meal or a quick meal, Folkestone has never disappointed us with the choice available around the town.

The Creativity

This is one of the major draws to Folkestone for many of our merchants and customers, the creative culture Folkestone has.

There is a thriving local community of artists and creatives in and around Folkestone, so would encourage any budding artists to check it out. Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to have always been so friendly which also makes it all the better.

We started Made in Folkestone specifically because of the creative culture in Folkestone and wanting to support local artists and merchants to help spread the word about their work. As a source of inspiration itself, Folkestone has inspired many of our merchants, with special thanks to the seagulls which you can always count on to be around.

Wilfred is a unique seagull from Andrea Kasinathan’s collection and is inspired by the noisy birds we frequently see about the town.

R&R’s naughty chip thief is a popular necklace due to its fun design which I think many people can relate to!

The Sights

When in Folkestone, you can look one way and see beautiful, rolling grass hills and then look the other way and you can see the beach and hear the waves crashing on the shoreline. We feel very lucky to have both options on our doorstep.

If you want to get a taste of the sights and sounds of Folkestone, we’d recommend you check out Sights of Folkestone on Facebook who are doing near daily walks around the beaches, parks and walks in and around Folkestone.

If you’re lucky enough on these walks, you might find things, especially on the beach. This is another source of inspiration for our merchants who cleverly use sea glass for their products, such as Silver By The Sea who make everything from jewellery to sun catchers.

Our Favourite Bit

We can’t pick! We think the bit that makes Folkestone unique and the thing we love most is the variety.

Maybe we’re biased, having lived in the town for a number of years and exploring the different things it has to offer, but we absolutely love living in Folkestone and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.