Why Buy Handmade Jewellery?

The easiest way to answer this question is to simply say because handmade jewellery are unique one off pieces that no one else has. There are a number of different benefits though which can make the purchase feel even more special, especially when you consider it from the maker’s perspective.

Unique Designs

Let's start with the most traditional reason, to find the one off designs and unique jewellery that is designed and created lovingly at someone’s home or studio.

As a buyer, you can often browse handmade necklaces at trade shows, markets and when walking down a highstreet which still has boutique shops (just like the old highstreet in Folkestone!). When you chat to the stall owner or maker, you can often find out more about the collection and stories behind it.

Take this unique silver necklace from Jewellery By Rebecca which was born when Rebecca first fired the yellow powder which reminded her of honey and inspired the sterling silver bee.

Another example is R&R aka 2 Quirky Birds’ fish ‘n’ chips design which are handmade earrings inspired by walking along the Leas in Folkestone.

We’re also in love with the different colours Natural Sparkes manages to get into her resin heart pendants. Each one is made with resin and alcohol ink which combines in different ways to create a slightly different finish.

Reusing & Recycling Jewellery

Recycled jewellery is a big trend and something a number of designers feel passionately about whether it be to use off cuts from another product or to repurpose something else.

There is so much in the news right now about sustainable fashion and ensuring that designs are being socially responsible and it’s natural that this trend also carries over into jewellery making.

This is an important issue which many independent designers feel passionate about, so each recycled jewellery piece that you buy can help make a difference.

We have some great examples of recycled jewellery including ByCally’s range of fork necklaces which are all made from old or vintage forks! Don’t they look just like something you’d find in the sea?

Jane De Bono creates reclaimed leather earrings for her Treasure Trash collection. These heart earrings are mounted on silver plated studs.

Another example of using recycled material is Silver By The Sea’s collection of sea glass jewellery which they go and collect on Folkestone’s beaches. These unique sea glass earrings and necklace set have intertwined sterling silver over the top and are all handmade.

Something Special

If you’re looking for something different, whether for a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, jewellery is usually a safe bet but often people want to find something to make a memory out of.

Buying something from a special place, or something which reminds you of a special time and memory. Whilst big department stores and nationwide shops will have some pretty designs, in our opinion you can’t beat something from a small or independent merchant which has a more personal touch.

Take, for example, the range of glass earrings by Art Studio Krea which showcase different designs and colours which can inspire many memories.

Stacey Scott Designs are all hand illustrated and are made from wood which means that no 2 pieces are ever the same.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy handmade jewellery, we would definitely encourage you to look at the options available from small and local merchants first. Whether online, in person at a show or by visiting their shops, you’ll be making someone’s day when you choose their design.