Why Shopping Locally Is The Way Forward

Now trust me, I know exactly what you’re thinking. This is going to be one of those blogs about saving the highstreet and supporting individuals, and it is, but hopefully I can give you a slightly different take on it, by making it more about the motivations for supporting those local people.

Be Unique

This might sound silly but, think about when you go round someone’s house. What’s more memorable, the house which has all matching furniture from IKEA or somewhere like that, or the one which has that one standout item? I love IKEA by the way, but you get my point hopefully...

You’ll likely remember the standout item whether it be a piece of wall art or something bigger as it’ll be something you don’t see often. Personally, we always like to hear the stories behind items and usually the person you’re asking likes to tell the story too, especially when it’s based on a trip or a fond memory for them.

This doesn’t just have to apply to your home though, I for one love going round Christmas markets and picking up a handmade ring or some earrings or a gift for a friend like a bag with a particularly appropriate saying on. The motive for me buying like this is mostly because I know I won’t find them elsewhere and more importantly, neither will my friend. How nice is it giving a gift you know is unique or is limited edition so the chances of them running into someone with another one is low. I love that idea, giving gifts as unique as the person.

Be Spontaneous

Now as much as I’d love to be cited as your excuse for why you’ve spent money on locally sourced products, I will still caution you to be sensible with your money!

That being said, one of the lovely things about buying local products is that you can see something and have an immediate reaction to it because you know it’s unlikely you’ll see something similar again anytime soon. I love that feeling, when you pick up an item after you have an immediate spark with it. Don’t overthink it, sometimes something truly is made for you.

Be Kind

How many friends do you know who have a hobby that they love doing on the side? Maybe it’s cake baking or crochet or something similar but we all know people who are really clever with craft work and we encourage them to try and sell their work.

Each time you buy something from a local merchant, you are supporting them when they’ve decided to try selling their own things. For some, it’s a little additional cash on the side for doing something they love, for others it’s taking a leap of faith and doing it full time, so every sale counts, no matter how big or small.

During the COVID lockdown, so many people have learned new skills and have been looking at other things they can do to supplement their income. This has meant there’s been a wealth of creative energy being used to create opportunities for people to support each other through this time by choosing to shop locally first before looking at the bigger retailers. 

In Summary

Whenever you’re looking for a gift for someone or for something new for yourself, before heading over to the usual sites like Amazon or IKEA, why not browse around and see what you can find that will both give you something unique, and will support someone in your local community, maybe even something Made in Folkestone!